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NO Classes are sanctioned. Here is the list of Classes we are allowing and rules to follow (No Mixing of rules, claim your rules on your a-pillar):



Super Stocks - USRA, IMCA, POWRi


Hornets - USRA, IMCA, POWRi




***UMP A-MODS have to run USRA type tires (American Racer)


Late Models - POWRi, UMP Late Model, Wissota, SLMR, Cash Money and Lucas Oil Speedway Late Models


***Late Models must run said tires to help level the playing field.***


No lesser than 3's or 30's on the LF, RF, LR


4's or 40's on the RR


We are allowing the 55's on all corners this year to help rid of these tires.


Pit Gate Admission:


Registered Drivers do not pay for a pit pass. It's covered with the registration.


Driver Registration - $150 (UTV, 4-Wheeler, Golf Cart, or pit bike registration is included) *One-time fee.


(All drivers have to register. After race 4, NEW drivers will not require a registration and will have to pay pit pass)


-Pit pass - $35/Adult, $20/12yrs and under


-Pit Vehicle Registration - $25 (Pit vehicles will need to be registered with the track and have our track

license displayed) *One-time fee.


-Transponder Rental - $5/night (divers may use their own) If damaged, driver is responsible for



Grandstand Admission:

4:00pm - Pit Gates open

5:00pm – Grandstand Gates open

5:30pm – 6:15pm – “Racer Meet & Greet” with racing to follow.

7:00pm - Hot Laps

$15/Adults, $5/Kids (3yrs-12yrs) $13/Seniors & Military, Kids 2 & Under Free


***COOLERS - $10 per night to bring our coolers. Cooler sizes vary, must be able to carry with one hand. If you leave to refill the cooler, an additional $10 pass will need to be purchased to return. Must see the attendant to leave with a cooler and return.


-There will be eight nights of points racing in each class.


-There will be three make up dates for potential rain outs. (If additional nights are needed, they will be

added at that time)


-There are five classes racing for the season. There will be four classes racing weekly. Classes will

alternate weekly giving each class an equal amount of racing dates.


Track Rules:

-(All Classes) Tires used during Hot Lap Only classes must remain the same tires for Features. They will be marked after hot laps.


-If a tire needs to be changed before feature (Hot lap to Feature Classes) you will start tailback.


-Tires used during Heat Race classes can change for Features.


-One and done caution rule for heat race, Two and done caution rule for Feature


-Only two classes will run a Heat Race. At drivers meeting we will elect someone to draw for the 2 classes

to run heat races.


-No Pill draws – Qualifying with hot lap time (four laps) will determine your starting position in the Heat



-Classes that do not participate in Heat Races will run a Feature only.


-A dice roll will determine IF we invert certain rows (If we roll 1-3 no invert, 4-6 we will invert)


-An additional dice roll will determine said rows. (Roll 1 & 2 invert 1st and 2nd row / roll a 3 & 4 invert 3 rows / roll a 5 & 6 invert 4 rows)


-For a class to qualify for Heat Races there will need to be at least 12 cars in attendance, if less than 12, they will automatically be a hot lap and feature only class and exempt the class from inverting dice roll.


-Classes with 24 cars of more will have Heat Race priority and automatically qualify for Heat Races.

Maximum of 24 cars will start A-Feature Races.


-No Trophy Tuesday points will be awarded for special events.


-For the classes that run a heat race, we will be running 6-16 car heat races. This is to hopefully only

require 2 heat races per those classes. If over 16 cars per heat race we will have 3 heats. (The more cars we have, the more laps we will add)

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